You Sign Up!

application-form (1)• Complete the online form. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission.

• A TARA USA representative will contact you to complete the application process.

• Once your application is approved a TARA USA Membership Card will be delivered to you with your TARA USA address in Florida. Once received, you can begin to ship your packages immediately!

You Ship it!

takeoff-the-plane (1)• When shipping, ensure that the Account Holders’ names are clearly stated.

• Once your purchase has been made, please upload or email a copy of your invoice. Note: If customer indicates there is no invoice available, packages will be cleared based on Jamaica Customs valuation of the item.

We Clear it!

pilot-of-airplane• Please ensure you have submitted your Customs Authorization Letter stating Tara Courier Services Limited is allowed to clear packages for you on your behalf.

• View our rates page for estimated shipping charges and Customs Duties & Taxes.

We Deliver it!

cargo-truck• We will contact you when your package is ready to be delivered with the invoice amount.

• If you choose, your package will be delivered to your door along with your package invoice attached.

• OR You can pick up your package at any TARA Branch or select Drop Stations. No Delivery Charge!


give-money• All invoices are stated in JMD.

• Your package invoice will be attached to your package.

• Payment terms are Cash On Delivery or payment upon receipt at one of our six TARA branches. Contact a TARA USA Representative at for more info on Credit Payments.