One-Time Registration Fee: $22.00 USD

Package Weight Rates (USD)
Loose Mail/Magazines up to 2lbs $4.00
Up to 5 lbs $13.00
Per lb over 5 lbs $2.00
Oversized* $14.00
Overweight* $14.00


Please note

All rates are quoted in USD.
* Packages in excess of 50 lbs scale weight will incur an overweight fee of $14.00 USD.
* Packages in excess of 50 lbs dimensional weight will incur an oversized fee $14.00 USD in addition to the over 5 lbs fee $2.00 USD per lb, on the dimensional weight.


Dimensional weight is applicable if your package is light, relative to the size and actual weight. Cost is determined by using the greater of the two weights — Actual Scale Weight or Dimensional Weight.


Other Fees

Handling Fee (Non-Document Items Only) – $5.00 USD

Customs Duties & Taxes

The valuation for the calculation for Duties & Taxes, is to the discretion of the Inspecting Customs Officer. Please visit http://www.jacustoms.gov.jm for current information on policies, procedures, import requirements, duties and taxes that may be applicable to importing packages into Jamaica.


Delivery Rates for TARA USA packages
Area Flat Rates (JMD)
Kingston & St. Andrew–Corporate $300.00
Island-wide $850.00
TARA Office Free

Please note all delivery rates are quoted in JMD

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